Your december horoscope 2019, sign by sign

Our website reveals your horoscope for the year 2019. Every day and every month, whether you are Aries, Sagittarius or any astrological sign of the Zodiac, here is what the stars reserve for you on the side of love, work, family and health.

December begins in a dynamic way to finish on high voltage during the holidays of the end of the year, which announce themselves high in color and rich in twists and turns. Happy New Year to all signs of the zodiac!


This end of the year will go crazy! Nice activity from the beginning of the month. At work, until the 20th, you are in the breach, reactive, present on all fronts and roughly effective to unlock situations and galvanize your teams. Emotional side, it’s more complex. You may find your relatives very quibbling, pampering and down to earth.From 19, Mercury retrograde in 2019 in your sign: you will tend to rehash and see things in black. T Traditional Christmas parties can seriously bar you: you will have a hard time complying with the rituals: they will suffocate you and you will live them like constraints. You will need air and independence.


You will probably want to pause to take stock of the past year. But until the 19th, you will hardly have the opportunity to be calm. On the contrary, you may be very much in demand to put out fires, especially at the professional level … Enjoy the holidays to blow and let go without guilt. Side heart, the beginning of the month is stable and reassuring, as you like them. After the 8, it gets complicated: as a couple, your partner seems too detached. Solo, you are not comfortable with love-friendship.

December starts on a good track: you combine sense of action, initiative and rigor at work. But you may not be doing enough self-promotion to point out to your superiors that you deserve it. From the 20th, you relax your concentration and become more rough. On the emotional side, the atmosphere of good comradeship prevails and encourages the birth of new loves, on the basis of friendly connivance. Be careful during the holidays, you will tend to make some excesses …


Finding balance in your partnerships and associations (pro or personal) remains a central concern this month. You will think a lot about it: do not make an obsession either, try to take concrete action. For example, be careful not to make holidays a stressful time for you. To want at all costs to satisfy your partner, your family, your friends, you risk to stick a pressure of hell to you … and to explode the evening of the Eve at the slightest remark. Take things a little more lightly!

December begins with a lot of fanfare, with probably a few showdowns in the professional setting. Rest assured: they should end with an intelligent compromise, sparing the interests of all concerned. You will remain none the less very straddling your principles, pride of Lion obliges. Side heart, the month is good for the solos which multiply the magnetic meetings. The holiday season is particularly favorable at the beginning of a beautiful story, as unexpected as joyful, unbridled and iconoclastic … Enjoy!


A month where you will have to save money to last, because you will score a little. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons of your choices, especially in the material and financial areas. Professionally, keep your business at a reasonable level. Paradoxically, your energy will be much higher during the holidays, from 20: you will multiply to take care of your loved ones … But do not get upset against those who do less than you! Heart side, you’re pretty distant.


Very fit, from the 1st to the 3rd you start December by putting your conditions at home as at work. Work as a team for a common project (sentimental or professional), yes, but provided that the rules are fair and satisfactory for all! Expect anyway to the resistances larvae of a few grumblers who will drag their feet, especially after the 19. The Christmas holidays will delight you, but unexpected and disruptive events could occur … Solo, your loves will be free, based on the friendship and mutual independence.

Whoever rubs should sting: you will be in a susceptible mood, abrupt and impatient the first three weeks of the month … better be sure not to look for noises! At work, you will tend to interpret the contradiction as a declaration of war. Side heart, you could take umbrage of the freedom of the elected of your heart. Would not you be too possessive? Fortunately you keep your lucidity and your ability to correct the shot. From the 20th, your barriers fall: you are much more relaxed and concerned about your loved ones.

The first three weeks are marked by an excellent professional dynamic and the achievement of a good overall life balance. From the 20 some annoyances point: the logistic aspect of the holidays weighs you, especially as you approach it in a scattered, rather disorganized way. On the other hand, the spirit of Christmas, the human bond it represents, the warmth of the family reunion and the celebrations of New Year’s Eve delight you and you enjoy it to the full. The year ends well, cut the champagne!


An active but excessive December: you will have a hard time measuring your efforts and you will undoubtedly do too much … beware at the end or the decompensation at the end of the month. The end of year festivities will be in unstable equilibrium, torn between your desire for harmony, your respect for tradition and a furious desire to go elsewhere if you are there. Try to give yourself some time alone to blow and take stock, the 29th for example.

You start the galvanized month, rocket mode. The first week you could get a deserved recognition at work or win great contracts thanks to your excellent interpersonal skills and your sense of network. Continue on this momentum until the 20th, then it will be time to rest. On the heart side, Venus, in your sign from the 8th, opens a prosperous period: friendships and loves are favored until the end of the month. The 25th and 26th should offer you very happy and fulfilling moments on the affective plane. Enjoy!


A little fatigue and fatigue at the beginning of the month, which will be offset by a solid organization and a methodical resolution of practical problems. Heart side, it’s quiet: solo, you need to take a step back; as a couple, you prefer the management of everyday life. From the 20th, Mars enters your sign and you reboost: you will not be the last to activate to prepare the festivities communities of end of the year. To take the lead in family and friendly operations and organize the festivities, you will be the boss.

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