What is the Tarot Horoscope ?

what is tarot horoscope

The Tarot Horoscope is an oracle based on the Tarot and signs of the zodiac. Each sign receives a letter from the Major Arcana that will serve as a reference throughout the year or month to which the oracle refers.

Is the Tarot and the Horoscope related?
The Tarot and the Horoscope are two forms of divination whose symbology can be related in some cases. For example, each sign of the zodiac can be related to a Tarot card taking into account personality characteristics. Another way to relate these two disciplines is through the Astrological Tarot Consultation, in which an annual projection is made taking into account the Astrological Houses. Check out the tarot horoscope reading for 2018 .

What is it for?

The Tarot guides us in the aspects that are most interesting that we work during that year or the month to which corresponds the oracle. And it also warns us of circumstances that we must keep in mind. It is a way to discover the Tarot and to develop our best qualities.

The Horoscope Tarot does not predict the future because it would be very difficult to predict the future with a single letter and such a large group of individuals, but it is a guide to our daily activity and an aid to our personal growth.

Tarot History
The Tarot, as we know it today, is a deck of cards that is used to consult and interpret the events that have taken place or that will have it in the life of the consultant. But, this letter has not always been the same and, in fact, you will be surprised to know that it comes from a normal deck of cards.
The use of the Tarot is quite simple, since the only thing that must be done is to select a series of letters, which will then be interpreted by a specialized reader. But, let’s see how the Tarot started.

The Tarot as letters was born in the fourteenth century and this deck of cards consists of 78 cards, 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. In fact, minor arcana are only used in some readings and are exactly the same as in any deck of Spanish cards: cups, swords, golds and coals.
In addition, at present, we can see that there are a lot of different designs, so that each person can have the one that most likes or with which is better.

History of the Tarot as divination
Although the letters were created much earlier, the first references to the Tarot date from the fifteenth century and are located in Italy. It is known that the oldest deck of the Tarot is known as the deck of the Duke of Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti and today can be seen in the Library of Yale University.
But the use of letters and their association with the occult should be sought in 1781. On this date, the book Le Monde Primitif was published, which is a study of ancient religious symbolism and what remained of them in The modern world. De Gébelin, who was the author of this book, argues that the symbolism in the Tarot of Marseilles represents the mysteries of Isis and Thoth. In addition, this cleric affirmed that the “Tarot” has an Egyptian root: “tar” and that means “road”, and “rog” meaning “real”. We are, then, on the road to the real. A real path to wisdom that few could access.

De Gebelin could not, however, present evidence of his studies and his theories, and, furthermore, this cleric wrote before the Egyptian hieroglyphs had been discovered. When this happened, modern Egyptologists could not give evidence that the association of Egyptian words, with the meaning given to the Tarot, was real.
It was, Etteilla who designed the first deck of the esoteric Tarot and added some of the Egyptian connotations to the cards. It was also him who began to add divinatory meanings to the cards.
The next step in the history of the Tarot is in Marie-Anne Le Normand, who was responsible for making popular the prophecy during the Kingdom of Napoleon. Despite not using the Tarot habitually, the woman of Napoleón was quite believer and, Marie-Anne knew to take advantage of this belief well.
And, Levi, actually considered the founder of the Tarot was the one who developed the ideas of the letters with mystical key. He wrote his book “Dogme et Ritual de la Haute Magie” in 1854, in which meanings are attributed to letters as we know them today in reality. It was also he who made all the associations with the Tarot of Marseilles with the letters and with the four elements of alchemy.

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