Scorpio 2017 tarot card predictions

Friends of the sign SCORPION, this 2017 tarot card “The Moon” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a year is coming very different from what has already happened, it is much more complex, a year of really testing part of the negative energies Who will be looking for any excuse to move the floor, use tricks associated with people you value and want to be able to generate sadness because they are accompanied by demonstrations of treason, all with the purpose of destabilizing them, it would be good to investigate before believing anything to see if Is real, or everything was confabul√≥ to make them believe that, at other times pitifully the disloyalty will be real, before what must be prepared and face without falling apart, that is, everything will be put so that what they had advanced seems to recede, do not fall In the trap, that implies slander and lies with which they will have to contend, decree loudly that they are protected, that they are strengthened more every moment, and that light always accompanies them, thus generating vibrations that attract the positive and distant Which is bad for you, do not allow the melancholy of better times to depress you, you can overcome any obstacle if you behave well and do works of love for defenseless innocents of any kind … your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that they must be Cautious with the promises they make to you during this year, it is possible that they are only in word, and that with the passing of the short term they realize that they were false, it is suggested that if they involve material issues, If the person does not want to do it because it is clear that something strange there, even if they try to take precautions because there are people who sign everything and deceive the same, and try not to hope and not expect anything from anyone because thus the disappointment is zero or less … Number 18 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that they will be exposed to negative vibrations during this year, it is best to be warned, to be alert, to think before acting, not to be carried away by the emotionality and to reason everything before , If you can give yourself some time before deciding even better, calm will be a great ally … Violet Color leads for you this 2017 and collaborates to help them internally to feel peace and fight their fears, placates any emotional instability and connects them With artistic sensibilities that fill the soul spiritually inspiring them, and the Color projects that in front of the others appear as people able to collaborate with others to feel better in balance and harmony, careful to take on the problems of others, help yes, but first They must protect themselves and help themselves, love them, love them …

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