Capricorn 2017 tarot card predictions

Friends of the sign CAPRICORNIO, this 2017 tarot card “The Empress” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a year is coming where the instinct of protection will be in full bloom, will face situations that will require their disposal, which Will be greater or less depending on the option they take, to help more or less, or nothing, to those who appear before you, your thinking will go more logical, although your feminine side will be privileged this year, but It will be like a search for balance, that is, men will have the possibility to develop their feminine side more, becoming more sensitive, but not leaving aside the logic that is characteristic male, and women will be more protective and loving, but appealing to their Reason, what, as you will see, attracts in both genders the need to generate an internal balance, that will make it a year prone to the search for domestic stability, where the feminine will have a greater value for you, women of this sign will have A very important role in 2017, may be fruitful and appear more necessary, with a charm above normal, and a very feminine influence, for men, women’s support will be fundamental to achieve happiness so friends value the contribution of women. Women of your family … your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that it will be a year where happiness will be a very important goal in every sense, and you will feel that this will be the main purpose, your family will play a key role, take it into account, If your family is in balance the other aspects of their lives will harmonize, and listen to the women of this sign that will shine 2017 notably … Number 3 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that they should have patience because this Year they will feel like it is difficult for them to make quick decisions, they will feel pressured when this happens because they will be energized in situations of pressure, however if they know they will be able to control themselves better and understand that they are tests that can go up, stay calm Collaborates so that they do not lose stability, female help collaborates to better solve them, and also look for their feminine side, that part of the sixth sense that is so associated with women … Color Rosa leads for you this 2017 and Collaborates to help them internally to feel more sensitive and positive, which induces them to be able to rescue their most innocent part, and thus to see with more sweetness everything that is put before them, an innocent perspective that should never be left aside as a support More before deciding, and the Color Pink projects that in front of the others appear as people who support and are able to lend a hand to others, are reliable and of good feelings, asíseráasisea, affection …

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