Cancer 2017 tarot card predictions

.. Friends of the sign CANCER, this 2017 tarot card “The Hanged” accompanies his annual trip and suggests that a complex year is coming, where all the changes that are going to take will involve a greater effort to come to fruition , Or they will mean that sacrifices have to be made because life imposes on them things that they must inevitably give way to, or it may even be the case to have to leave aside things or beings that are important to you, just because the loss can not stop , Is part of living the face of unpleasant instances, this could cause them this year to have periods of disinterest, or disinterest, in different aspects of their lives, better know to better understand when they feel this way and can be patient, take the Things calmly and keep going forward without lowering your guard, part of this year’s tests involve awakening self-denial within you, dedicating yourself in body and soul to others for non-personal benefit, and with the gratification of seeing who we love to be well Thanks to our effort … your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that it will be important to understand that there may be periods when you feel bored, tired, without courage to a routine that causes them boredom, try to overcome this feeling to avoid decay. ..

the Number 12 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that it will be a year in the many times they will have to hold their eagerness to command strongly, without consideration, try to control themselves to avoid hurting those around them, if not Will have the problem of being seen as arrogant and is not the idea … Color Turquesa leads for you this 2017 and collaborates to help them internally to relax before the difficulties, to be able to find within you that tranquility and calm that will help them Better to face this complex year that comes to them, and also helps them to heal energetically, and the Turquoise Color projects that in front of the others appear as integrated and serious people, who are not capable of hurting and with whom can generate a fluid and Nice communication, assertion, love …

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