Chinese Zodiac Snake Personality

Birth Years for Snake: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013.

According to the Chinese zodiac, The snake can be a lonely engineer and always has different tastes and an experienced eye to look for advantageous opportunities. She likes to move quickly and silently.

You will not be able to stop him, as he stays in a stable position in advance. He will very much want a quiet life and luxury. After that, he will seek strength and wealth.

The snake has precise and future ideas and will want the best. By far he is the quietest and reserved guy, unclear and angry.

Snake General Chinese Horoscope 2018 Year

2018 is a time when the natives of the SARPE zodiac sign get some kind of acidic or simply very deep forms!
Chinese Horoscope 2017 Sign Snake

It is the period in which things advance in a considerable form, especially in terms of values ​​and material stability!

An extremely effective time especially as the source of maintenance of one’s own relationship.

The most active periods for Snake in sentimental-relational terms in 208 are: February, March-April, June-September, and December. It is difficult to say whether they will bring happy or unfortunate events. Anyway, expect some agitation and armed with patience, optimism, and sense of humor.

Snake Chinese money horoscope 2018

Pleasure and well-being are expected in the second half of 2018. As you feel a great need for marriage harmony, you will do so to create a pleasant and sensual atmosphere that will sensitize you partner.

By the end of August 2018, the good wind beats from the districts: the success is connected with the roads, the foreigners, the remote collaborations.

Other opportunities, facilities and achievements target the intellectual sphere, studies, specializations, cultural or university concerns, research, editing, publication.

The first semester of 2018 is an excellent time for Snake to prepare a masters degree or a doctorate to earn a scholarship abroad.

There is an expansion of the knowledge horizon, both physically and intellectually-spiritual.

Snake Chinese Health Horoscope 2018 This year, the Serpents are growing in shape. They have energy, and the morale is up.

Try to move: go to the gym, skate, ski or dance!

Avoid abuses and toxic substances in any form; to have an orderly life, with a regular schedule.

In the second half of 2017 Serpents may experience unusual behaviors, irresistible appetites, strange body reactions to common stimuli, whether they are unpredictable, unexpected but not serious.

Snake Chinese Love Horoscope 2018 There may be obstacles or distractions, you may feel the other more distant, darker, or even more reticent and demanding.

Age or age difference may be of particular significance.

Career or studies interferes visibly with the relationship.

Partner / partner can go through difficulties (health, career, etc.). The snake is very possessive and jealous.

For Snake, the perfect combination is an alternation of moments of solitude with tandrely and passionate dating.

Are you ready year 2018? Here is your horoscope !


2018 brings several challenges for those born under this sign. As published by the website of La, 2018 will be a good year for Aries from the academic and labor point of view. With regard to love, the first quarter of the year will bring important proofs for your relationship, which will survive if it is strong enough.


Stability and calm will be the tone for those born under the influence of Taurus. Although you may know new people, in the field of love you do not see too many changes. With respect to work and money, it will be good to order it, especially during the first quarter. With regard to health, warns that Taurus this year should take care of their diet and perform more physical activity.


According to the magazine La Hora Mujeres, the gemenis will be affected by some sentimental problems and that will have them somewhat distracted. If they have a partner, new communication channels must be enabled. If you’re single, you should be careful because love may be closer than you think.


It will be a good year for those born under this sign. You will obtain good results in studies or work, because you will show that you have more skills than you imagine. With regard to health, it is recommended to take care of the posture of the back. Yoga or pilates could avoid possible complications.

You have a great opportunity to revitalize your personal relationships, to renew links, discover new friends, participate in different social circles and undertake promising team projects. It’s time to expand your social participation. Break routines and discover new horizons.
Frequently, friends can get to condition life, and vice versa. This is one of those years in which friendship relations can exert an influence outside the normal fate. That means that you should choose very well with whom you relate and to what extent. In the same way that you must be aware of the influence that you can exert in the lives of others.

On the other hand, you enter an important stage for the transformation of your mentality and your ideas, even for the way of understanding the world. You will look for a greater meaning or foundation to things, you will have a more serious vision and you will feel that your word is measured and observed more than normal.

You should be prudent in the way you communicate and not talk until you are sure of what you are going to say.
Document yourself a lot, study. If you do it right, your word and your ideas will have a lot of weight; otherwise, you may have overly critical and demanding attitudes towards others, or feel that they are the ones who have them towards you. Concerns could stun your ideas.

From August, it will be good to take care of your health and look for moments of peace, because excessive wear and tear could take its toll.

It is a relationship based on friendship above all and on optimism as a vital concept with which to live day to day. They will support each other and together they will be able to face all kinds of setbacks. In addition, the insatiable curiosity of Libra can be fulfilled living along with the unpredictable sign of the archer who, likewise, will benefit from the opportune advice of his partner.

We are thus facing that typical relationship in which the elements attract. The Air will stimulate the Fire, it will make it shine more. This can make the relationship very dynamic and full of nuances and, what is more important, Sagittarius will have no problem changing its destination a thousand times according to Libra’s changing ideas. This will cause more laughs than confrontations, which augurs many fun moments to share.

Find out who you marry, according to your zodiac sign

Aries: it is known that rams are competitive and arrogant. Every time they want to compete again when they fight with an opponent, the curiosity will appear. This leads to passion. Because you are an impulsive, courageous and optimistic woman, you will probably get married with your hottest opponent. Also read this article about chinese zodiac signs love compatibility.

Taurus: When the bulls put something in their minds, nothing can stop them. There are chances that the first love will be the last one. You do not need adventures and change. What you want is the feelings of comfort and safety.

Gemini: spontaneous and imprecise, acestis are eager for adventure all the time. A native of this sign may say he will never marry, so then, shortly, he will come up with a wedding ring and his husband will be a man he has just met. Of course, it must have a special intellect and hold all the secrets of the art of conversation.

Cancer: Those in the rac sign have a particular sensitivity. When she is ready to sit at her nest, she will open an old album of pictures, remind her of the childhood buddy she’s been spending so much time with, and she’ll get back to her. The dream of having a family with a close friend, whom he has always known, could be fulfilled in this way!

Leo: Although, like Aries, Leo is also very competitive, natives will not appeal to people who are trying to undermine them. On the contrary, they will have a special attraction to men who can venerate them as goddesses. If you are born in the zodiac sign of the Lion, you will marry your most admirer admirer, who, when you want to be in the spotlight, will put himself the reflector light on you!

Virgo: Of all astrological signs, this is the most pragmatic sign, and natives usually marry pretty late. Your husband might be that mature man in your life that has gone through enough and you will not have to give it up and touch him like a child. You need a strong masculine force that you can rely on in all respects. Maybe that’s why you do not even hurry to put your wedding ring on your finger. If you like facebook please visit this chinese astrology facebook page.

Libra: It’s surrounded by a lot of people and has a huge group of friends that can not break up. Although she always meets new people, the native of this sign will return to her friends and there is a great chance to choose the half of them, that is, the person she can be herself and who will give her the necessary emotional balance

Scorpio: The native of Scorpio has a mystery aura that few manage to unravel. It is very difficult to seduce. It will go to all sorts of seminars and discussions on esoteric topics, where it will meet various masters and gurus. The prospect of marrying a mysterious man who knows some of the secrets of the Universe is irresistible to a native of Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius would not have the time to have a long relationship and to know a person freely, because he is caught in countless adventures and travels. A native of this sign may fall in love with an unknown person and will not hesitate to marry him spontaneously, this being just a new adventure ticked on her infinite list of craving wishes.

Capricorn: The most sarcastic and laborer sign just barely looks up from the paper stack on the desk or on the computer screen. Career is the first place, and the natives can find half of their work colleagues. Marriage with a man who is on the same wavelength from a professional point of view can be a decisive step towards happiness for a Capricorn woman.

Aquarius: Aquarius needs a “friend partner”. She must have the freedom not to be constrained and not have a jealous partner. Moreover, he needs someone who does not judge her harshly about the nonconformist ideas he has. Who could better perform the role of husband than your best friend?

Pisces: More like-minded, fish want to live eternal fantasies and sometimes expect the perfect love. Some of Pisces dreamed openly to the big day of the meeting that would seal his fate. Of course, there is no print on a white horse exactly as in her vision, but the one who is closest to the image outlined by her native will be a husband.

Pisces 2017 tarot card predictions

. Friends of the PISCIS sign, this 2017 tarot card “The Sun” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a year is full of options in which everything leads them to find clarity and clear their minds, that will allow them to Having a greater understanding of things and situations, as well as of people and beings of other species, will be a year in which for this reason the realizations come much closer to being concretized, success will be accompanying them in every sense, will flow A lot of positive energy that allows them to achieve their goals, and just as the pending projects, or those who undertake, have fluidity and good vibes, worry about doing works of love and doing good since all that energy of attraction only of The good will generate an interaction that will move the good luck even more for you, if you are going to start a personal growth is the perfect year, if you want to associate your love lovingly your visionary choices are positive, even beauty and / or cosmetic treatments have pretty good prospects, Do not fall asleep this 2017 and work hard to achieve their goals, because energetically what they want can, yes, we understand that as long as they go the right way everything becomes productive, if they want to hurt someone, or take something away, Or someone, the positive energies will go away and what could have been a wonderful year will cease to be, so take advantage and be grateful for this gift and move on … your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that they will be very charming and will be seen Even physically as beautiful beings, have much to do for you, if they work their bodies will achieve perfection and shine more, if they fight for a good love will have a solid and beautiful relationship, that is, the more positively they work for what they want More feasible than if or if it is made … Number 19 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that the fortune is knocking at your door this year, let it in and be craftsmen of your own destiny taking advantage of everything Good that energetically has their gift life … Color Yellow leads for you this 2017 and collaborates to help them internally to visualize the triumphs from yourselves, that is, to believe that they will be able to achieve it, will clarify their ideas, will have Better discernment, the light will accompany them and they will be precise in their choices, and the Yellow Color projects that in front of the others they appear like innovating and open people of mind with whom they want to associate because they have light and they are carriers of good vibrations, Caring

Aquarius 2017 tarot card predictions

Friends of the AQUARIUS sign, this 2017 tarot card “La Estrella” accompanies your annual trip and suggests that a very hopeful year will come for you, unexpected instances will appear that will open paths associated with spirituality, which will depend on each person to Allow concrete, the benefits can be many, from a personal growth perspective, it will all be whether they want the gift or not, their successes will be more in this area than in another, but if they are materialistic, and only that factor moves them , They will not be able to understand the wonderful gift that they have in front of them, wasting valuable opportunities for personal growth, even to be able to help others to feel better about themselves, the triumphs will therefore be in the interior, but if they are clear they will understand The time reflected in materiality, if you are well inside everything is projected outwards, many will be the benefits associated with this year if you know how to walk through it, the luck factor will appear in your favor, and love will not be exclusive since They present many illusions that come to fill their lives, if they understand how good it will feel satiety and balance will appear to give them tranquility … their Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that optimism will finally have a place in their daily lives, in The extent to which they accept and understand that if they open their heart to internal growth, to their spirituality, life will show them alternatives that will make them see the world in another way, it is not a matter of leaving the material, it is rather a matter of understanding matter As an ally to help and help, when things are used like this everything takes on a wonderful meaning and inspiration floods our whole being positively … Number 17 is the one that corresponds to you for this 2017 and says that this year you can have the Opportunity to connect with their past lives, and with the energy of others who are wiser, to see what they were not able to, helping to heal and find happiness for you and those who love … Blue Color leads for you This 2017 and collaborates to help them internally to calm down and develop the willingness to learn new things, in this case it will be great to use this color precisely to better understand the information that make them grow as people, because being a sensitive subject The best way to face what they have to learn is with a clean mind and in balance, and this color induces to give them this disposition, and the Blue Color projects that in front of the others appear like people with depth, that generate confidence, that can therefore Lead others by a path of wisdom, which will not only grow you this 2017 but may help in one way or another to others, assiseraesea, affection …

Capricorn 2017 tarot card predictions

Friends of the sign CAPRICORNIO, this 2017 tarot card “The Empress” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a year is coming where the instinct of protection will be in full bloom, will face situations that will require their disposal, which Will be greater or less depending on the option they take, to help more or less, or nothing, to those who appear before you, your thinking will go more logical, although your feminine side will be privileged this year, but It will be like a search for balance, that is, men will have the possibility to develop their feminine side more, becoming more sensitive, but not leaving aside the logic that is characteristic male, and women will be more protective and loving, but appealing to their Reason, what, as you will see, attracts in both genders the need to generate an internal balance, that will make it a year prone to the search for domestic stability, where the feminine will have a greater value for you, women of this sign will have A very important role in 2017, may be fruitful and appear more necessary, with a charm above normal, and a very feminine influence, for men, women’s support will be fundamental to achieve happiness so friends value the contribution of women. Women of your family … your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that it will be a year where happiness will be a very important goal in every sense, and you will feel that this will be the main purpose, your family will play a key role, take it into account, If your family is in balance the other aspects of their lives will harmonize, and listen to the women of this sign that will shine 2017 notably … Number 3 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that they should have patience because this Year they will feel like it is difficult for them to make quick decisions, they will feel pressured when this happens because they will be energized in situations of pressure, however if they know they will be able to control themselves better and understand that they are tests that can go up, stay calm Collaborates so that they do not lose stability, female help collaborates to better solve them, and also look for their feminine side, that part of the sixth sense that is so associated with women … Color Rosa leads for you this 2017 and Collaborates to help them internally to feel more sensitive and positive, which induces them to be able to rescue their most innocent part, and thus to see with more sweetness everything that is put before them, an innocent perspective that should never be left aside as a support More before deciding, and the Color Pink projects that in front of the others appear as people who support and are able to lend a hand to others, are reliable and of good feelings, asíseráasisea, affection …

Sagittarius 2017 tarot card predictions

Friends of the sign SAGITARIO, this 2017 tarot card “El Mundo” accompanies its annual trip and suggests that a year is coming in which any project that is unfinished has every chance to finish it successfully, as long as they are good people And be positive this project for you, will be a period in which perfection will be part of achieving success, that is, have all the vibrations to succeed, but it will be important that your efforts are redoubled because energy gifts are never free , It is always necessary to give back, hopefully in order to generate a virtuous circle, part of that gratitude involves doing works of love thing that the energies that move, and attract to you, are wonderfully positive, will feel that they are rewarded in many ways, Which is very good, reciprocate those gifts of life helping defenseless innocents of any kind, if they only receive and do not do good in return will not fructify, successful situations appear in the different areas of their lives, try to be grounded and understand if It’s really time to receive that gift for you or it’s time to let it go to whoever else benefits you can generate, sometimes we have illusions that were good for before, and now may be better for others … As for next year, famous astrologer John Terry wrote an interesting horoscope for 2018 that included love, money, healt and career.

your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that it will be a year of many satisfactions, they will reward them in many ways, remember they can experience fullness in various aspects of their lives, try to enjoy the opportunities, they may not appear again that way, and if it was not exactly what That they wanted to enjoy it as well as that moves good vibrations … Number 21 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that they should not leave aside any option that is put before them, all will be of use for you, or for Give them to others, but take advantage of them because that is also a form of gratitude, in addition, if they take care, they can have a period of good health, if they abuse that do not complain if they get hurt, or get sick, because it depends on one doing That the good energies become something really productive and effective for us, or who we determine to benefit … the Celestial Color leads for you this 2017 and collaborates to help them internally to be able to heal in every sense, both physically and emotionally, looking for An aura of inner peace that will help your health balance and improve, which will ensure that the positive vibrations that surround them generate a virtuous circle from the outside in that is maintained and prolongs throughout this year, and hopefully more , And the Color Celeste projects that in front of the others they appear as people whose generosity is able to bend to personal interests, and that projects a great tranquility and freshness, that induce to the confidence, asíseráassise, affections …

Scorpio 2017 tarot card predictions

Friends of the sign SCORPION, this 2017 tarot card “The Moon” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a year is coming very different from what has already happened, it is much more complex, a year of really testing part of the negative energies Who will be looking for any excuse to move the floor, use tricks associated with people you value and want to be able to generate sadness because they are accompanied by demonstrations of treason, all with the purpose of destabilizing them, it would be good to investigate before believing anything to see if Is real, or everything was confabuló to make them believe that, at other times pitifully the disloyalty will be real, before what must be prepared and face without falling apart, that is, everything will be put so that what they had advanced seems to recede, do not fall In the trap, that implies slander and lies with which they will have to contend, decree loudly that they are protected, that they are strengthened more every moment, and that light always accompanies them, thus generating vibrations that attract the positive and distant Which is bad for you, do not allow the melancholy of better times to depress you, you can overcome any obstacle if you behave well and do works of love for defenseless innocents of any kind … your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that they must be Cautious with the promises they make to you during this year, it is possible that they are only in word, and that with the passing of the short term they realize that they were false, it is suggested that if they involve material issues, If the person does not want to do it because it is clear that something strange there, even if they try to take precautions because there are people who sign everything and deceive the same, and try not to hope and not expect anything from anyone because thus the disappointment is zero or less … Number 18 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that they will be exposed to negative vibrations during this year, it is best to be warned, to be alert, to think before acting, not to be carried away by the emotionality and to reason everything before , If you can give yourself some time before deciding even better, calm will be a great ally … Violet Color leads for you this 2017 and collaborates to help them internally to feel peace and fight their fears, placates any emotional instability and connects them With artistic sensibilities that fill the soul spiritually inspiring them, and the Color projects that in front of the others appear as people able to collaborate with others to feel better in balance and harmony, careful to take on the problems of others, help yes, but first They must protect themselves and help themselves, love them, love them …

Libra 2017 tarot card predictions

Friends of the sign LIBRA, this 2017 tarot card “La Torre” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a year will come in which they will feel, in different aspects, as if they could have the possibility to free themselves, obviously it will depend on you take That option or not, but the possibility of generating radical changes in their life are presented this 2017, which will be interesting especially associated with the changes of ideas, so I see they could experience situations that mark them to leave aside what they do not Is good, although it could be that your choice is to maintain, or to direct, towards what is not positive, which would imply that the change is towards negative vibrations, if so this tarot card would reflect losses and catastrophes, that is why it is Very important, before choosing, evaluating and projecting to visualize the effects of meaning that our decisions may have, it will be wise to choose well, and if they feel that wisdom does not yet accompany them, it is important to appeal to wise and great people. Confidence of those who will listen to suggestions that will evaluate and then you can decide the best …

Your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that there will be many situations this year that will make them be at the limit of choosing between good and evil, if they choose the right they can To achieve victory and joy, must be very careful not to err, always reason gives them the right way …

Number 16 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that unexpected opportunities appear, appealing to logic will give them the Light to take advantage of these joints in the best way, appeal to those who know more and is worthy of their trust … Silver Color leads for you this 2017 and collaborates to help them internally to be more cerebral, to take them in search of Stability, will provide them with the versatility enough to be able to adapt to the changes and that they are correct, and the Silver Color projects that in front of the others appear like tenacious people, able to achieve changes that help to the others, being modern and updated people , Asíseráasísea, affection …

Virgo 2017 tarot card predictions

Friends of the sign VIRGO, this 2017 tarot card “The Temperance” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a year is coming in which moderation should be part of the logic to move in the course of the same, Things that happen to them are successful, that is, talking about moderation does not mean that they are going to go wrong, you see very positive situations, however it is suggested to be prudent since the best advantages can be achieved in a patient and peaceful posture , Where in success do not waste or enter into excesses because falling into those will attract negative energies that will keep away the good vibes to continue to triumph, because if they waste they will attract bankruptcy, which means that if they win a lot they will save a lot, if they have fun Do it wisely so as not to attract energies of imbalance that cause them to be induced to fall into misfortune, have fun, but with moderation, all exaggeration will inevitably lead them to invest the good vibes of this 2017, which if they know how to carry it will be a year that It brings them hopeful situations and even realization …

Your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that it will be important to generate a disposition to adapt to the different situations which will open doors to the triumphs … the Number 14 is the one that corresponds to them This 2017 and says that they should be more worried about their family, it will be both the interest for the labor that could neglect them, generate estrangement and even a break …

Green Color leads for you this 2017 and collaborates to help them internally to maintain The calm, which is very important this year for you, as well as helping them to control their emotions by measuring their actions, and Color (Green), not dark or mixed with yellow but light green, projects that in front of others appear as people Stable, with which one can communicate, and maintain a harmonious relationship, asíseráasisea, affections …

Leo 2017 tarot card predictions

Friends of the LEO sign, this 2017 tarot card “La Muerte” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a year of renewal will come, in this period you will see how from different areas there are possibilities to transform what they have, in every way , However you must take into account that those changes can only be made if you decide that it should be so, not always the gifts that we receive accept them, it will be your choice, as well as induce to renew on own initiative, re-evaluate their routines them Can allow to see what is missing, what is obsolete and what requires an update, it is in the background of a cleaning of everything that is not positive in any way, all with the aim that the next 2017 receive it with everything impeccable working their energies , Insofar as they assume this energy purification it will be possible for them to begin to see progress in various aspects, generating a virtuous circle, from yourselves, and involving the beings, of whatever kind, that you want, do good for you and Those who love, that’s wonderful …

Their Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that they will be very alert, they will be alert, they will be interested in this aspect, they will take precautions with the temptations, before doing something analyze and, more than daring, they are practical, what is feasible do, what Implies risks not likely to be cautious, the idea is to renew themselves not to be wrong … Number 13 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that they will feel a powerful positive force, careful to take off, everything that they feel rationalize it to be clear The effects of meaning that could have in his life let go by that instance at that time, and then …

The White Color leads you for this 2017 and collaborates to help them internally feel pressured, cleans emotions and clarifies the thought so they have an accurate view of things and carry them in the best way, and White Color projects that front To others to appear as reliable, secure and sincere people, which can help them to collaborate in the changes that they will want to perform, to assure oneself, to love …

Cancer 2017 tarot card predictions

.. Friends of the sign CANCER, this 2017 tarot card “The Hanged” accompanies his annual trip and suggests that a complex year is coming, where all the changes that are going to take will involve a greater effort to come to fruition , Or they will mean that sacrifices have to be made because life imposes on them things that they must inevitably give way to, or it may even be the case to have to leave aside things or beings that are important to you, just because the loss can not stop , Is part of living the face of unpleasant instances, this could cause them this year to have periods of disinterest, or disinterest, in different aspects of their lives, better know to better understand when they feel this way and can be patient, take the Things calmly and keep going forward without lowering your guard, part of this year’s tests involve awakening self-denial within you, dedicating yourself in body and soul to others for non-personal benefit, and with the gratification of seeing who we love to be well Thanks to our effort … your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that it will be important to understand that there may be periods when you feel bored, tired, without courage to a routine that causes them boredom, try to overcome this feeling to avoid decay. ..

the Number 12 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that it will be a year in the many times they will have to hold their eagerness to command strongly, without consideration, try to control themselves to avoid hurting those around them, if not Will have the problem of being seen as arrogant and is not the idea … Color Turquesa leads for you this 2017 and collaborates to help them internally to relax before the difficulties, to be able to find within you that tranquility and calm that will help them Better to face this complex year that comes to them, and also helps them to heal energetically, and the Turquoise Color projects that in front of the others appear as integrated and serious people, who are not capable of hurting and with whom can generate a fluid and Nice communication, assertion, love …

Gemini tarot predictions 2017

… Friends of the sign GÉMINIS, this 2017 tarot card “El Carro del Triunfo” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a year is coming full of situations associated with achievements that had not previously had, the goals that were always proposed Have a tremendous opportunity to materialize, yes, as everything in life will imply having to sacrifice certain things, perhaps times with those who love most, all in order that at the end of the year 2017 reap the fruits that so many doors go to Continue to open, it will be a period of victories, material and spiritual, will have a very moved year in which the work well remunerated will abound, do not make the mistake of declaring aloud that you are tired because you can cut this wonderful flow of energy, while More exhausted they are decreed that they are with more strength and positive vibes, that attracts the strength and energy that they will need because they believe that they are going to need it, nevertheless it is great that what they waited and wanted so much to take place, after so many difficulties for To get every thing on the road is all in avalanche, must be tempered on this triumph cart to hold the positive abundance in every sense that arrives, and continue to sow so that the virtuous circle continues to spin, and reaping rewards that deservedly deserve it … your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that many trips, or mobilizations, physical changes, for you, all in favor of the opportunities that are presented to you, and that must be realized if you want to succeed, easy is not going to Being, but worth it …

Number 7 is the one that corresponds to you for this 2017 and says that you will have a higher perception, and those who are already blessed with the psychism this will increase remarkably, just as a couple of strong events come, but it is Part of life and must continue for you and those who depend on you … Black Color leads for you this 2017 and helps them to internally help them to discover the wide range of their inner life, isolates them internally to be able to order their thoughts And reason in calm, and the Color Black projected that in front of the others appear as mysterious people, charismatic, with gift of the word, and in the case of the women with a feminine attractiveness very seductive, during the year will be great when we combine it With any other color because to be the absence of color will highlight even more the characteristics of the color that accompanies it, asíseráasisea, affection …

Taurus tarot card predictions 2017

taurus tarot 2017

Friends of the TAURUS sign, this 2017 tarot card “The Demon” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a complex year is coming, which will cost to cope, however, whenever we know where the coup comes from, it is more feasible to Avoiding it, or putting ourselves in such a way that we cope better, in fact just knowing that we are going to be beaten already indicates that we will not be taken by surprise, so instead of complaining that they are unlucky, they simply face the test set by The negative energies and, decaying positively aloud, will be able to work daily vibrations that attract the good and remove the bad, we all go through difficult periods, even more if they are good people, or defenseless innocent creatures of any sort, Why? Because before more goodness plus the negative tries to displace it, it is a search for logical balance, and for those who believe in God simply understand that the Devil will do everything possible to try to get us off the right track, if we decree that the light guides us, we will overcome those obstacles And we will succeed in starting the path to triumphs … your Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that they must work hard not to fall into the temptation to go the wrong way, they will give instances in which they will need all their strength of Will not be dragged by evil to failure, but that struggle will give them a strength that will make it possible to overcome any obstacle, if you so decide, before a storm we can only hold and not lower our guard, but the storm passes, And when they get up they will be invincible …

Number 15 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that it will be a period in which they can have good possibilities with money and in love, but beware that they are instruments to make them fall in Temptation, so be aware that accompanied by these gifts, sometimes the price to pay is too high and not worth … The Color Gold leads for you this 2017 and helps them to help them internally to revitalize their mind, find In wisdom the light that guides them, and to make them feel that they are not alone and the positive exists within you, and the Golden Color projects that in front of others they appear as people with good understanding, who know how to communicate in the best way with The others, asíseráasisea, affection …

Aries Tarot Card Predictions 2017

aries tarot 2017

Friends of the sign ARIES, this 2017 tarot card “La Papisa” accompanies their annual trip and suggests that a year will come when they will be at the gates of instances with many possibilities, which can be positive or negative depending on the Choice that you realize, which implies that common sense will be fundamental to select the most appropriate option, if you feel doubts would be good to appeal, and listen, the opinion of someone of great confidence, and with a great sense of reality, and hopefully This will allow them to open the correct door to the success and the achievement of their goals … their Numerological Vibration for this 2017 warns that it will be a year of Great fecundity, you will get many good possibilities of reproducing concretely in different areas, it will depend on your common sense to determine what to do everything will multiply, but eye that can be on both ends, so you must be patient before choosing so that your Election is good, declare loudly that the light guides their ways is wonderful to avoid making mistakes …

Number 2 is the one that corresponds to them for this 2017 and says that diplomacy will be a fundamental tool, and of great help, to save Situations that could be complex, or to avoid being transformed into that, if they have patience they will be able to cultivate the calm that will take them to the prudence and thus they will be silent before saying what they do not have, or they will know to say what they must … the Color Brown Leads for you this 2017 and helps them to internally help them to calm down, and at the same time to have a better perception of reality, which will make them able to evaluate, choose and better face everything that is presented to them, in addition to making them more human, and Hopefully more sensitive, and the Brown Color projects that in front of the others appear as calm people, that provoke balance and harmony, therefore, confidence, which attracts to negotiate with you and brings you closer to fecundity, asíseráassise, affection …